What can you study in our school?

Our school is interesting especially for the specific fields of study: Business studies and Tourism.
The main subjecs are: Business and Administration, Economics, Accounting, Computer Science, Banking, Management, Marketing, Hospitality, Tourism, Maths. 

Special attention today is paid to foreign language studies: Students might choose the following foreign language studies: 

In the 3rd and 4 th year of the study, students can choose from 2 or 3 optional subjects: doplň

Our school graduates can continue their study at universities or colleges or can start their proffessional carreer as jobs book-keepers, assistants, clerks in companies, banks and various institutions.

Placement tests:
Placement tests include a test in Maths and in Slovak language and literature.
Date: May 
Fields of study: Businesss studies  and Tourism

Other Information:
Students can also study at Language School.
Each student has its own email-box and access to Wifi and Internet.
School also provides school canteen, snack bar.
There are various after school activities organized after lessons (Computer studies, Maths, Volleyball, Foreign Language speaking class, Drama, Accounting, etc.)

Foreign school partners:

We have recently opened foreign exchanges with the following schools and we also participate in Erasmus plus programme:

Zernike College, Groningen, Netherlands 

Alfa College,   Hogoveen, Netherlands

Liceum im. Mikolaja Kopernika, Kalisz,  Poland




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