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Ten 4th year students in a field of study Business studies would have the opportunity to spend two weeks abroad for intership practice. Thanks to the company KABA, ltd. and a programme Erasmus plus, they spent two unforgettable weeks in Lichfield.

When we came back to school after summer holidays, our principal told us some great news. Ten 4th year students would have the opportunity to spend two weeks abroad for intership practice. It was a suprise for us because we didn't know anything about that opportunity before. The teachers chose ten students with best marks and behavior.

It was a totally new project so we didn't have enough information. We started with some meetings with the company KABA Slovensko. Our enthusiasm got higher and higher with every meeting.

We had some more introducing meetings at the premises of the company and after one week we started preparing for our flight.

When we arrived at Lichfield, Maria – our local tutor from ETS (European Training Services) – was already waiting for us. She greeted us very friendly and we all introduced. We met our host families and we could start practising our English in our new homes.

For the two weeks we studied at the local high school (combined with the college). In the afternoons and at weekends we explored local culture, places and people. At school we practised accounting, maths and business correspondence. We also improved our spoken English and we learnt about local charity shops and how to run one. We had interesting meetings with the managers of ShenSmith and Oxfam.

During our free time we could do anything, we spent most of the time in the city centre, especially in our favourite café, where we discused our daily feelings and opinions.

We also visited many interesting places in Birmingham, but the city in general wasn't as interesting as we had expected, it was a typical industial city with overcrowded streets.

After two weeks we were full of new information and experiences. I guess two weeks are not enough for a real practise but it may be enough for a new worldview. It was a great exprience and now we are really happy that we could be a part of this incredible project.


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