Week of the students´ exchanges of  Business Academy in Martin


On the 5th of October, early in the morning, 13 students of the 1st and 2nd classes and two teachers, namely Mgr. Róbert  Kupčo and Mgr. Tibor Mažári set off for the journey to Kalisz, to the Lyceum of Nicholas Kopernik to carry on in a partnership between the schools. At the same time, some other students from our school from the 3rd class and the teachers, namely Mgr. Ivana Pišná and Ing. Lenka Balašová welcomed the first 17 students and 2 teachers from the partner school  Zernike College of the Dutch town of Groningen.

Our students lived for five days in the families of Polish peers as well as the students of the Dutch school in the families of our students.

Our students prepared a rich programme for the Dutch pupils aimed at exploring the cultural and historical beauties of Slovakia (the visit to the mine in Banská Štiavnica, the mint in Kremnica) and sporting activities (hiking to Martinské hole, a football tournament and horse riding). A part of the programme was the presentation of the school and our town.

The content of mutual cooperation was also the workshop in the English language, focusing on the comparison of the cultures of the different countries. A mixed group of our students were asked to present to the younger students from the Netherlands the topics that they have selected from the thematic groups (gastronomy, cultural heritage, language, art, geography...).

The Polish school partner prepared a rich and interesting programme for the Slovak students. The first day in school our students were welcomed by the students of the Lyceum and presenting them the school choir that was followed with the presentations of the host countries. The days were passing so quickly and our students had a chance to observe the historical centre of the town and its monuments, they also visited the Gołuchów castle surrounded by a beautiful garden, which part is a mini ZOO. In the city of Łódź they could see the museum of cinematography and the shopping center -  Manufaktura. Last day, all the students spent  actively in the forest , where they competed and showed their orientation skills.

The exchange was enriched by our mutual activities for the students and teachers in their free time that supported mutual friendly relations."My stay in Poland brought me  a lot of new experiences, I met a lot of amazing people and learned a lot about the Polish culture.“ (Alexandra from  I.D) "Exchange stay in Poland was a good experience. We met new people and all improved our English language.“ (Zuzana from I. D)

The main communication language was English. "During the stay in the family, we mutually communicated in English, Polish and English. I am still in  contact with the host family through the internet and I look forward to seeing them soon.“ (Natália from I. D)

The two-way exchanges of students are arranged in April 2015, when a group of our students will welcome and host the students from the Polish partner school and another group is going to visit the  Dutch partner school in Groningen.



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