Another week of the students´ exchange from Poland



From the 12th of April to 17th of April, our school had another special day and students from both schools spent a lovely week of the exchange.

Later, on Sunday afternoon, on the 12th of April, a new group of the Polish students with the two teachers safely arrived at our school.  First, they were all pretty shy and tired after a long journey, but then our students came to greet all of them. During the whole week, all students were really happy and interested because they had a great opportunity to see some new places of interest as well as they could improve their language skills and meet new students from Kalisz.

As the time was passing by, all the students participating in the exchange could have a chance to enjoy a sightseeing tour around Martin, the historical centres of Slovak towns – Kremnica, Banská Štiavnica. During the excursions, they could also see the Monetagium where the coins are made and exhibited, the old castle and have a panoramic view of the town of Banská Štiavnica. The day before departure, we went hiking to the nearby woods called Jedľoviny where we managed to walk very easily because of nice nature and weather, too.

All who participated in this year´s exchange will certainly keep only the good memories and impressions.











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