The Business Secondary School in Martin was founded in 1885. From its beginning, the school trained experts for business, finance and tourism. On October 1, 1919, after establishing a new state of the Slovaks and the Czechs, it became the first Secondary School of Business on the Slovak territory. During those 120 years, it has gone through many changes and raised more than 10,860 graduates.

At present, there are 348 full-time students in 16 classes and 33 teachers.

Main school subjects are: Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Slovak language, Mathematics, Computer Science, History, Geography, Physical Education. Students can choose an optional subject, either Banking or Tourism. Great emphasis is put on teaching foreign languages - English, German, French, Russian.

The four years´ study is completed with a school leaving examination called MATURITA. It consists of tests in Slovak language (written and oral parts), foreign language (written and oral parts) and written and oral examination of Economic Subjects.

After completing the study at our school, students can enroll to universities or work as accountants, bank clerks, or work in various financial institutions and companies.

There are some clubs and after school activities organized by school as well as Students´ Council focusing on cultural, sports or other students´ activities.

In addition to full-time studies, there is also an option of two-years´ Business postgradual study and Language School.


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